Collaxo is an independent software solution for successful digital asset management. The software builds on experience with numerous individual solutions, integrating only the very best functions while perfecting the most important one of all – the search.

Innovation coupled with expertise result in a competitively priced, fast and simple route into digital asset management, making Collaxo an intelligent support system for the workplace and the ideal partner for long-term market leadership.

<h3>Digital asset management as the key to success</h3>

Digital asset management as the key to success

The digitalisation of communications and sales structures has made assets a valuable commodity. Centralised management and efficient handling are key factors that play a significant role in the company's short- and long-term success.

The right tools help to optimise workflow and collaboration processes and to solve common issues with a company's daily operations.

Common issues:
  • Difficulty locating assets
  • Excessively complex software solutions
  • Incompatibilities within the internal system
  • Lack of control and monitoring mechanisms
  • Insufficient return on marketing investments

How Collaxo works

The functional focus is on the four key stages of efficient digital asset management. The workflows are clear and simple, the data secure, and the interface intuitive and user-friendly for novices and experts alike.

Stage 01
Stage 01

Upload & Import

Upload unlimited assets and import reliably with metadata tags.

Easy to manage access rights and helpful features such as duplication recognition and preview functions facilitate these actions and help save time.

Stage 02
Stage 02

Maintain & Manage

To ensure optimal management of assets, it must be possible to access and edit them at all times. Collaxo also allows portfolio grouping to link related assets more easily.

A variety of statistics ensure that users always maintain an overview of their assets.

Stage 03
Stage 03

Search & Find

The sophisticated search function is at the heart of Collaxo.

Along with keyword and property searches, dynamic filter functions help users find assets quickly and logically, in just a few clicks.

Stage 04
Stage 04

Share & Interact

Collaxo promotes collaboration between internal users and external partners. For example, it is possible to create shared resource pools for teams and send asset collections via links.

Here too, the flexible rights and user management function ensures optimal access control.

<h3>Choose Collaxo</h3>

Choose Collaxo

Collaxo is a sophisticated tool for everyday business users. It offers a range of benefits including:

  • More targeted functionality
  • Optimised search performance
  • User friendliness
  • Assisted migration
  • Personal support
  • Transparent cost structure

Getting started with Collaxo is extremely simple because, as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, Collaxo doesn't require any fixed installations. Additional functions can be developed as add-on modules at any time. Security is also a top priority: Collaxo is hosted in certified data centres in Switzerland, and operations, updates and further development are included in the package.

Annual licence

  • unlimited users
  • unlimited transactions
  • 50 GB storage included
  • incl. hardware and software updates


per month
+ one-time setup fee

Contact us

Additional options

  • migration (user, data, metadata)
  • additional storage
  • specific support agreements
  • customised add-on modules

according to individual requirements

“Thanks to Collaxo, we have a central location where we can store all our image files. Authorised persons can then refer to these files and work with them whenever they like. The images are stored consistently and can still be retrieved years later, which saves us having to worry about generation and/or personnel changes.”

Raphaël Gaudart

Executive Director – School of Management Fribourg

“Collaxo is amassing ever more images, print material and logos, and has become a useful work tool. Collaxo allows us to invest the huge amount of time we save – in searching for media data, for example – into other projects.”

Sabine Alberti

Sponsoring & Events – Cornèr Banca SA, Cornèrcard

“Our company regularly uses Collaxo. It simplifies collaboration both internally and with external partners.”

Ann-Christine Heusch

Brand Manager – Heineken Switzerland

Selected clients who already place their trust in Collaxo:

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